Which size bow do I need?

Small bows measure 5-6" across and are ideal for wreaths under 16" diameter.
Medium bows measure 7-8" across and are ideal for wreaths 16-20" diameter.
Large bows measure 10" across and are ideal for wreaths 22-24" across. This is the standard size of most Christmas door wreaths.
Extra Large Bows measure 12" across and are ideal for wreaths 26 - 36" diameter.
Jumbo bows measure 16" across and are for wreaths 36"-48" diameter.

Can you make a bow in a different size?

Sometimes. Small bows are made with a 1.5" ribbon and jumbo bows with a 4" wide ribbon. Medium, large and extra-large bows are made with a 2.5" wide ribbon. Therefore, if the bow you are looking at is made with 2.5" ribbon, then I can make different size bows for you. Please send me a custom order request.

Will my bows be crushed or damaged in shipment?

We do our best to pack the bows so they travel well. However, it is possible they may get jostled around a bit in transport and not look quite as good as they could. Almost all of our bows are made with wired ribbon and are easy to reshape if needed after you receive them. Just straighten and “fluff” the loops.

How long will it take to receive my bows?

All the bows (except a few at Christmas) are made to order after you place an order. Most of the year, I can make the bows and ship them within 1-3 days so you have them about 1 week after you place your order.

HOWEVER, during the very busy Christmas season of mid-October to early December, it will likely take 7-10 days to make the bows and about 2 weeks after you place your order to receive them. I try to keep the delivery estimate accurate here on Etsy. If possible, try to place your order early in the Christmas season.

How many seasons can I expect to get from my bows?

This depends greatly on the location where you display your bows as well as the type of ribbon they are made from. Bows displayed indoors should last almost indefinitely. Bows displayed in a protected outdoor area such as a porch will probably last 3-5 seasons or more especially if they are wired and can be reshaped for the next season. Velvet bows displayed outdoors in the weather (like on windows, fences, etc.) will likely last 2-5 seasons depending on the weather in any given year. In general, the velvet type bows are made from tougher ribbon and are designed for outdoor use. The other types of ribbon will de best either indoors or in a protected spot.